Consultancy for state aids and non refundable funds

The State Aid is more than mere aid: it is probably the most advantageous source of funding for major investment in Romania

We are ready to provide consultancy of submitting the State Aid file to companies first investing in Romania which meet the eligibility requirements. We also provide assistance in preparing the documentation for applying for the State Aid schemes and preparing the accounting procedures to be used by the customer for developing, collecting and filling out the documentation related to investment in accordance with the relevant laws on State Aid schemes in view of recovering the incurred expenses.

European grants are another financing opportunity for your business.

The main targets for these funds are: developing the basic infrastructure, increasing long-term economic competitiveness, developing and making more efficient use of the human capital, promoting a balanced regional development etc.

FINEXPERT can advise and assist you in both developing the project for which the funding is requested, and subsequently, once the financing agreement has been obtained, in preparing the documentation required for the repayment of the expenses.

Consulting Services:

  • Assistance and advice in preparing the documentation for the application of State Aid:
    • Eligibility analysis of the applicant
    • Analysis of financial position and advice on optimization
    • Investment Plan, Job Creation Plan, Technical and Economic Study and Business Plan
  • Assistance in Project implementation and reimbursement of eligible expenses:
    • Training sessions for client’s employees
    • Assistance in the preparation and submission of reimbursement applications
    • Preliminary assessment of the reimbursement applications
    • Monitoring project implementation in relation to the terms of the financing Agreement
    • Assistance on authorities on site audits
  • Assistance in Project monitoring:
    • Advice on completing the annual investment parameters evaluation forms
    • Assistance in the annual project audit

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